Goran Bregović, the Yugoslav musician, of Serbian and Croatian descent, is perhaps one of the most internationally known modern composers of the Balkans. Bregović's music carries both South Slavic and Romani themes and is a fusion of European classicism, popular music with traditional polyphonic music from the Balkans, tango and brass bands. He rose to fame with better known scores for Emir Kusturica’s films (Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground).

Among those great film music scores, Mesecina is an example of typical Bregovic music style: Balkan rhythm and folk song spirit. Furthermore, it perfectly complemented Emir Kusturica’s 1995 world-acclaimed film “Underground” (Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival).

Mesecina: album version

Mesecina: movie version

Mesecina (written in Roma language)

Nema vise sunca
Nema vise meseca
Nema tebe, nema mene
Niceg vise, nema joj.
Pokriva nas ratna tama
Pokriva nas tama joj.
A ja se pitam moja draga
Sta ce biti sa nama?
Mesecina, mesecina,
joj, joj, joj, joj
Sunce sija ponoc bije,
joj, joj, joj, joj
Sa nebesa, zaproklija
Niko ne zna, niko ne zna
Niko ne zna, niko ne zna
Niko ne zna sta to sija



There is no more sun,
There is no more moon,
You are no more, I am no more.
There is nothing more... oh.
Darkness of war has covered us,
Darkness has covered us... oh.
And I wonder, my dear:
What will happen with us?
Moonlight, moonlight... oh-oh,
Sun is shining, sun is
shining... oh-oh, oh-oh.
From above,it breaks through...
No one knows, no one knows,
No one knows, no one knows,
No one knows what is it that

Extended reading and information
-Emir Kusturica film "Underground"
-Elo Hi (another great song written by Bregovic)


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