First time I heard of this song was from Almodovar’s 1987 film “La Ley del Deseo” (Law of Desire).

After seeing the movie, I have been searching for the recording of this song. When the album “The Songs of Almodovar” was released, I finally knew the title and the artist of this beautiful song.

“Lo Dudo” (I doubt), was sung by Los Panchos, a Trio first formed in 1944 in New York City by Alfredo Gil (Mexican), Chucho Navarro (Mexican) and Hernando Aviles (from Puerto Rico). Each member of Los Panchos played a guitar and sang with unequalled harmony.

Los Pachos Live Performance

Almodovar Soundtrack version by Los Pachos (The song has nothing to do with the images...)

Melody is cheerful and light, but the words are sour and pain, perfectly describing and echoing with the movie “La Ley del Deseo” (Law of Desire).

Lo dudo, lo dudo, lo dudo, que tu llegues a
quererme como yo te quiero a ti.
Lo dudo, lo dudo, lo dudo, que halles un amor más
puro, como el que tienes en mí.
Hallarás mil aventuras sin amor, pero al final de
todas solo tendrás dolor.
Te darán de los placeres frenesí, mas no ilusión
sincera, como la que te di


I doubt you'll ever love me the way I love you
I doubt you'll ever find as pure a love as the one you'll find in me
You'll have a thousand adventures without love
But at the end of it all you'll find only pain
You'll be ecstatic with pleasure
But you will never find as pure an illusion as the one I made you feel
Who will wipe from your life the memory of me and make you forget my love?
Poor love, made of blood and pain
This love, that saw both of us crying also made us dream and live
How did it cease to exist?

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Quizas, quizas, quizas
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