This "Paloma" song won so many people's tears from Almodovar's film "Hable Con Ella/Talk to her". Brazilian musician Caeteno Veloso sings with guitar and cello in a breezy evening.

I first encountered with this beautiful song from the film of "Happy Together". An orchestra version accompanied by the scene of grand Iguazu Falls, so pure and yet powerful stream of melody and special sentimental voice of Veloso just suddenly grasped my heart.

From Film "Happy Together"

The song was written by Mexican artist Tomás Méndez in 1950s. Its original style is folklore like and very Mexican.

Check out the original Mexican Folklore and Romantism style, sung by Petro Infante

Lyrics in Spanish

Dicen que por las noches
no más se le iba en puro llorar;
dicen que no comía,
no más se le iba en puro tomar.
Juran que el mismo cielo
se estremecía al oír su llanto,
cómo sufrió por ella,
y hasta en su muerte la fue llamando:

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay cantaba,
ay, ay, ay, ay, ay gemía,
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay cantaba,
de pasión mortal moría.

Que una paloma triste
muy de mañana le va a cantar
a la casita sola
con sus puertitas de par en par;
juran que esa paloma
no es otra cosa más que su alma,
que todavía espera
a que regrese la desdichada.

Cucurrucucú paloma, cucurrucucú no llores.
Las piedras jamás, paloma,
¿qué van a saber de amores?

Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
cucurrucucú, paloma, ya no le llores

translation in English

They say that at night he did nothing but cry.
They say he didn't eat and did nothing but drink.
They swear that heaven itself shuddered when it heard his cry,
How he suffered for her, calling out to her even as he died.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he sang.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he wept.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he sang.
As he died of mortal passion.

They say that a sad dove early in the morning comes to sing to him,
To the small house with its little doors wide open.
They swear that the dove is none other than his soul,
That he however is still waiting for her to come back, waiting for her, the wretched.

Cucurrucucú, dove,
Cucurrucucú, don't cry.
The stones never cry, dove,
What do they know of love?

Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
Cucurrucucú, don't cry no more.

Translation in Chinese:
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