Riccardo Drigo was one of the important ballet music composers working closely with Marius Petipa. The collaboration with Petipa in 1900 for ballet “Harlequin’s Millions” was a success.

Riccardo Drigo's score spawned two popular repertory pieces, the Serenade and the Valse bluette, both of which are considered cornerstones of Salon music. Later he re-wrote the music “serenade” with lyrics as "Notturno d'amor" for Beniamino Gigli. Ever since it has been arranged for every imaginable instrument as a repertory piece.

This serenade has a very strong Italian scent. I prefer the instrumental version that does create an imagination for a relaxing evening in the moonlight in an Italian village.

Cello & Piano version by Hugo Kreisler (cello) and Fritz Kreisler (piano)

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